Mystery Kitty Postcard Mix -- Set of 15


Mailing cute kitten postcards to your friends and family while we're all hunkered down in our homes is a great way to stay connected to the people you miss and love.

In the Mystery Kitty Postcard Mix, we will handpick an adorable selection of 15 kitten postcards and send them to you in a cute little ribbon-wrapped bundle. The kittens on these cards are all babies we fostered and shared on the blog, The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee.

Pictured are a few of the selections we might pick for you, but we've printed hundreds of designs over the years, so we've got MANY adorable ones to choose from. It will be a nice surprise!
The postcards are printed on heavy, satin-finished stock and have rounded corners. They measure roughly 4 x 6 inches. On the reverse side, there's a tiny image of the kitten(s) featured on the front of the card along with their name(s).